Reach Rhythms

Our walk with Jesus is ongoing and dynamic. Consider adding new rhythms and dimensions to your spiritual journey, by adopting a new reach rhythm each season.

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Over time, as we surrender ourselves to new life rhythms, they help us to
surrender old behaviors, attitudes and practices so that we can be shaped by
new ones.

Ruth Haley Barton


Private Worship
“Worship happens whenever we intentionally cherish and value him above all else in life.” -Adele Calhoun. Commit some time to focus your attention and affection on God, and have everything else take second place in your attention. This rhythm is for outside of a church service. Tell God what you adore about him, sing your own song, dance, shout your praises. He is worthy (Revelation 4:11).

Prayer Walking
You can decide ahead of time where to go, or ask the Holy Spirit to lead you. As you walk, pray for God’s will to be done in the area you’re in. Focus on God’s plan, vision, and future for the place and the people that live there. You can pray out loud or silently. This is also great to do with a companion! (A helpful resource: How to Prayer Walk)


Practicing the Presence
This is “an invitation to see and experience every moment as a gift of God” -Adele Calhoun. Bring God to the forefront of your mind throughout the day. Intentionally offer yourself before God as you go about your activities. Stop momentarily during the day to attune your ear to God. Seek to see others you encounter through God’s eyes. Set reminders in your office and home that help you remember and acknowledge that God is near. (A helpful resource: How to Practise the Presence of God)

Centering & Meditation
Consider using centering prayer, a practice of meditating on a word of scripture with prayer. Set aside a minimum of 15 minutes to intentionally place yourself in the presence of God. Choose a word, phrase, or verse from scripture, letting it guard your attention. This is distinctively different than “emptying your mind.” Rather, fill your mind with his Word, sit in his presence, and give him your undivided love and attention.


Lectio Divina
Read and listen to a Bible verse, reading it a few times, out loud if you can. Contemplate what you’ve read, and savor one word or phrase that you noticed more than others during your reading. How is this Word speaking to your life? Respond to God about what he is speaking to you through his Word. Rest in his presence. And finally, resolve to “live out the word that has penetrated your heart.” (Helpful resource: How to do the Lectio Divina)

Memorize a Psalm (Or a verse)
Is there a verse or a chapter that has been particularly meaningful to you in a tough season? Commit it to heart! Memorization of scripture is one of the best ways we can honor the Lord with all of our minds. In times of trouble, we can call on the scripture we have committed to heart to comfort us and to align our minds with Christ’s.


Consider setting apart 1, 3, or 7 days to fast from food and seek the Lord with all your strength. Fasting allows us to seek direction from the Lord, to ask for wisdom, discernment, protection, and guidance. Fasting calls us to crave the presence of God more than anything else, to die to ourselves, and to allow God to be strong in our weakness.


Sign up to regularly volunteer for a non-profit serving those in need in your city. This might take some research and will definitely be a time commitment, but it is an amazing opportunity to love your neighbors. Jesus came to serve and He invites us to serve others as he did.

Host a Dinner Party
A meal around a table together is the perfect setting to engage in meaningful conversation, pray, and bless others. Host a party and intentionally invite a person or people into your home that may not be part of your normal friend group, and seek to honor and bless them. Ask the Holy Spirit to inform you about who to invite and who He might want to bless through you.

seasonal rhythms

Take an extended time apart, such as two days or two weeks, for time away with God. Withdraw from life to attend to your soul and seek God. Gain perspective on God’s work in your soul and develop your ability to hear his still, small voice.

Tech Free Week
Choose a week to unplug and detach from your devices. Allow yourself to be free from distraction, comparison, constant information, and notifications. This is an intentional week to slow down, be present, and allow your heart and mind to be still before the Lord.

Create my rhythm of life

Once you have explored all the categories - heart, soul, mind, strength, neighbor - get started by creating your own rhythm of life.

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